Crick Woodlands


Crick Woodlands Committee and Crick Parish Council believe that Jubilee & Millennium Woods should be open and welcoming to all people. There is plenty of room for everyone (about 40 acres including Cracks Hill Country Park) and, with cooperation and consideration, this should be achievable. The Crick Woodlands Code provides guidance for visitors which, if followed, will ensure that the woodlands can be enjoyed by all.

All users – please

  • Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.
  • Be considerate of others and treat them with politeness and courtesy.
  • Treat the woodlands with the respect that they deserve.

Dog walkers – please

  • Be aware that there are people who feel threatened by dogs so keep your dogs under control always.
  • Be vigilant and, when you see or hear children (accompanied or not) or working machinery in the vicinity, put dogs on leads.
  • Think ahead and consider taking an alternative route to avoid people who could be worried by your dogs and, if in doubt, put the dogs on leads.
  • Pick up after your dog and carry the means of doing so.

Walkers – please

  • If you are worried by dogs or do not wish to meet them; please be aware and, when you see or hear dogs, consider taking an alternative route to avoid them.
  • If approached by dogs:   stand still, remain calm, and keep your hands down. They will probably come and have a look at you and go away again. (Dog think – “There’s nothing interesting going on here”)
  • Do not run, shout or scream, leap about, or wave your arms around. (Dog think –“Yippee! They want to play!”)

Cyclists – please

Be aware of other visitors, especially as they may not always be aware of you and regulate your speed.


Picnickers – please

  • Pick up and remove all rubbish, especially glass and plastic (broken pieces are dangerous)
  • Aim to leave the site so that nobody will know that you have been there.

Above all – Enjoy the Woodlands!

Please contact any member of the Crick Woodlands Committee if you have any concerns or suggestions

or use Contact Us via this web site