Crick Jubilee Wood


The idea for a Jubilee Wood in Crick came from the Parish Council, to use the land left over after the new Sports Fields were planned and to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee Year. The land comprised three former grazing fields, two of which are adjacent to the Leicester arm of the Grand Union canal as it runs round Cracks Hill. A public meeting was held in August 2012 to gauge interest in the idea and a management committee was formed. 

The site includes two separate underground high-pressure pipelines, which out of necessity had to be kept clear of trees to maintain access and to avoid damage to the pipelines. Hopefully in time these central areas in the two fields that border the canal will develop into wildflower meadows.

The local community has been involved in this woodland project resulting in a number of volunteers meeting once a week to work in the wood and a large number of residents who have each sponsored a tree. Together over 7,000 trees have been planted, mostly native broadleaf but with a few more unusual varieties. Planting began in March 2013 and was completed by February 2014. Funding has come from the Forestry Commission, Northamptonshire Community Foundation, Daventry District Council and a number of local companies including Cummins of Daventry who also provide volunteers on a regular basis.